RAF Museum Curator of Aircraft and Exhibits Andy Simpson has spent a good chunk of the last 20 years researching the detailed individual histories of some 300 aircraft (or major parts
thereof) associated with the museum, using sources such as Form 700s, secondary sources, photographs, and, where possible, logbooks, which often cumulatively help reconstruct aircraft careers
where other sources do not survive.
Relevant Lightning family histories can be found on the RAFM website at http://www.rafmuseum.org.uk/research/default.aspx?name=lightning and

Anything readers of this website can add to these histories, along with any other RAFM aircraft, gratefully received. We have several other fast jets including Hunter F6A XG225
and Phantom FGR2 XV424 http://www.rafmuseum.org.uk/research/collections/mcdonnell-douglas-phantom-fgr2/;
the vast majority of those on display at Hendon and Cosford can be found through

Please contact Andy via e-mail at  andy.simpson@rafmuseum.org
Ewan Burnett is a film and media archivist at the RAF Museum, Hendon.   He is trying to put together taped interviews which he will then edit together as a history of an aircraft type in service,
told by those who flew it,  worked on it, or were closely connected with it, to preserve for future generations and anyone who might be interested.  His latest project is the Lightning.  It would be
really good if he could have a cross section of volunteers from 1960-1988 so the listener will see how the aircraft evolved and its role changed in Service, from the beginning to the end.  

Ewan's direct line at Hendon is 020 8358 4866; his mobile number is 07919 060778; and his email address is ewan.burnet@rafmuseum.org  His office is in the Battle of Britain Museum (which is
fantastic if you haven't been for a while).  The Corporate Events desk in the main building will supply you with a car parking voucher and a guest pass.  If you would like to do it please contact
Ewan to arrange a mutually convenient time you could easily be there for four hours but it's up to you!!